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Designer and illustrator specializing in brand identity design, web design and UI/UX design, based in Toronto via Milton.

Equal Rating Innovation Challenge



Client: Mozilla (San Francisco, USA)  |  Year: 2016-2017
Art Direction: Valerie Casey
Web Development: Futurescape


The Equal Rating Innovation Challenge (ERIC) was an initiative lead by Mozilla to create an open Internet. With about 4 billion people in the world still unconnected, this initiative aims to connect the unconnected in a way that is open and accessible to all.

I worked with the team at Mozilla to develop a brand identity for this challenge that reflected the energy and urgency of the problem we were aiming to solve. Referencing the rough, DIY style of grassroots protests with their brush painted signs, the branding involved vibrant colors, textures and marks. The brand identity is able to bend and flex to the needs of the challenge, allowing the team to create ongoing assets and communication material that is true to the brand and the tenants of the challenge.


The content strategy and website structure features rotating banners and sidebar badges, a navigation menu that changes as new content is introduced during the length of the challenge depending on that present stage of the challenge. The result is a flexible responsive website capable of handling content changes as the challenge progresses and optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing.


Though there have been several attempts to connect the unconnected by offering a walled garden of content and services, this challenge is unique in that it is looking for truly open and accessible solutions that are content-agnostic, not subject to gatekeepers and do not allow pay-for-play. Solutions must address issues of infrastructure, affordability, acceptance and local adoption.



Winners for this challenge were announced in March 2017. 

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