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Designer and illustrator specializing in brand identity design, web design and UI/UX design, based in Toronto via Milton.



Client: Meylah, Seattle, 2014-2015

Web Development: Brian Hogg

Meylah is an eCommerce marketplace hosting platform that provides businesses a place to sell their products within a curated marketplace and communityMeylah asked me to revamp their marketplace design for a contemporary and diverse audience.


Prior to the visual design, I did an audit of their existing user flow marking problematic areas and suggestions for improvement. We focused on the most pressing changes that required little restructuring but produced big usability wins.


I created wireframes of the main content pages to help us understand and discuss layout, content areas and responsive design before the visual design details were in place.


The existing design was created iteratively as the back end system was developed so this was the first opportunity to look at the design as a whole. The marketplace is a curated community of retailers, merchants and organizations. That meant that the design had to be versatile and simple to work with a range of products and brands as well as a diverse consumer base. The existing design was also a bit dated with little design consistency. So we focused on clarity, readability, versatility and dependability using simple lines, bold colors, readable typography and a consistent typographic system.


I created an interactive prototype of the design along with an interactive style guide complete with the HTML structure and CSS styles. This allowed us to understand how the design behaves - drop down content areas, button hovers, responsive design, etc.


In 2015, Meylah wanted to create additional themed designs for merchants and retailers to use for their own storefronts within the marketplace. The designs needed to be distinct from each other and provide two different visual designs for people to choose from. Interactive prototypes of each design was created along with their style guide.