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Designer and illustrator specializing in brand identity design, web design and UI/UX design, based in Toronto via Milton.



Ivonne Karamoy

In my Goodie bag last week I wrote about #The100DayProject that I'll be participating in (check out the post here). I've committed to creating a line drawing a day for 100 days straight from April 6th - July 14th. The project kinda scares me because that's a lotta days but I'm excited for it. I have so many ideas at any one time and for years I write them in my journal or sketchbook. This project gives me a reason to at least tick some of those illustration ideas off the list.

I chose to do line drawings because 1. I want to be able to do something quickly and with little tools (no computer, photoshop or illustrator here!) as I will be travelling mid-way through the project, and 2. although I like finishing and polishing my designs or illustrations I think it's more important to play and experiment and the quickness and simplicity of the line drawings will help me do that. I want to let go of the control and need for every illustration to be perfect. I believe there is beauty in the imperfect but I have a hard time letting go of perfection in my own work. This project will help me get over that. I also have a gut feeling that something great will emerge from it. I think there's something in this way of illustrating that really suits me. If nothing else, it will give me the fulfillment of having finished a project from start to finish, developing a series of illustrations in the process and pushing through no matter what.

You can find all my drawings on my tumblr but the best way to keep up with my progress is to follow me on instagram. You can also follow my daily drawings using the hashtag #100DaysOfLineDrawings. To follow what others are doing check out the project hashtag #The100DayProject. It's not too late to join–anyone can join at any point in the project, just count your 100 days from when you start.