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Designer and illustrator specializing in brand identity design, web design and UI/UX design, based in Toronto via Milton.


From Me To You

Ivonne Karamoy

Meet Jamie, a NYC based photographer, whose blog, From Me To You, I was introduced to thanks to Smashing Magazine. I don't have an image here to show you because they are her beautiful images. I wouldn't do them justice anyway because you have to visit her blog and really get a feel for it - everything from the photographs and her tumblr theme is magical :)Just go visit it! NOW...

Her work is clearly a reflection of her interests: vintage cameras and classic images. I absolutely fell in love with her photographs! What's even better is her use of animated gifs to bring to life her beautiful photographs and create a certain ephemeral quality about them. These images move, subtly and beautifully. But the quality of her work is evident in the photographs themselves. Yes they move, but they are beautiful even without it.

Anyone can use this technique by combining jpegs and animated gifs but I love Jamie's work for the images themselves. It's just a bonus when you see a flutter of a piece of fabric on a beautiful dress or a lock of hair swaying across a model's face... And, as a shoe lover, how bout those Louboutins shimmering in all their beauty?! Her images of fashion week are so delicious. I love all the behind the scenes moments and the images of the garments just waiting to be taken down the runway.

Jamie, you have made me a fan. I am in love with your work and I can't wait to see what other images you come up with! I wish I could buy them all - actually I wish I were the creator of those images! Jealousy is the best form of flattery :)

If you want to know how this animated photography technique is done, check out this article Positioning an animated gif over a jpg image.