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Designer and illustrator specializing in brand identity design, web design and UI/UX design, based in Toronto via Milton.



Ivonne Karamoy

Changing Perceptions and Saving the World with Design
I love design for many reasons, one of the top reasons is it's ability to instigate change and progress and make us think about things differently. I discovered this campaign to reduce food waste by store Intermarché in France last year and since then this idea has spread to the UK, Portugal, Australia, and in Canada.

Designing For The Elderly: Ways Older People Use Digital Technology Differently
I've been thinking a lot recently about designing for seniors and this Smashing Magazine article gives me plenty to think about. It's a really interesting topic and one that I think we'll consider more and more as web and interaction design matures. Interactive design involves thinking about your users and your audience. It's important that we design not just for our peers or our generation but for the whole population, especially when it comes to the products and services that many people need/should use. Older people may be slower to adopt technology but they are adopting it and are willing users if we are considerate enough to include them.

Short Documentary of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper
As part of the Women&&Tech team, I encourage a more inclusive view of people working in technology, and that includes women and people of different backgrounds and cultures. This short documentary about Grace Hopper is an incredible look into this amazing woman who did amazing things at a time when the barriers to women were much more and much harder to break down. Her contribution to history and computing should be remembered. She was a trail blazer who didn't even think a trail needed to be made. She just did the work.

Illustrator Pascal Campion
I love illustration. I'm always inspired by an illustrator's point of view and how they look at the world. I recently discovered Pascal Campion's art and I am in love. I love it's whimsical, childlike love for all things ordinary. His work delights in the small every day things. They tug at my heart strings. The stories he tells with one image is both personal and universal, beautiful and purposeful, fantastic and ordinary. He's been doing "A Sketch A Day" for over 10 years and still continues. Check out his tumblr here