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Designer and illustrator specializing in brand identity design, web design and UI/UX design, based in Toronto via Milton.


Preparing for Opportunity

Ivonne Karamoy

2013 was a contemplative year. I thought a lot about where I was in life, what I wanted for my future life, and what I was prepared to do to make the changes I needed to. Reflection is good in doses, but a year spent reflecting can turn into a year of waiting. It seems a wasteful way to spend a year, and I wasn't at all comfortable waiting around.

What was I waiting for exactly? Well there was a lot of personal transitions - waiting for our home, waiting to take a long awaited trip to my birth place, and then waiting to make a career move. Perhaps I didn't need to spend the year waiting so much - I should have just done it. But life doesn't always allow you to throw caution at the wind and do what you want in a heart beat. Maybe it's being this grown up person that makes me want to plan things but maybe it's that we learn how to prepare for things better. The thing is, I'm not a big fan of plans, since life doesn't always go as planned anyway. But there's something to be said about being ready for opportunity. And that's what 2013 was - it has prepared us for opportunity and forward motion, so bring it on 2014!