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Ivonne Karamoy

This being the day where the web community comes together in protest of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) I would like to share with you all a video that explains so clearly and understandably the issues and implications that such a legislation would have on the web community and the internet as a whole. This explanation is provided by Sal Khan of the Khan Academy. If you are unaware of what SOPA/PIPA can do or have read a barrage of articles surrounding the issue but need some clearer explanation, please watch.

And to read more about SOPA/PIPA and today's protest:

The SOPA blackout: Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, Google, and many others protest proposed law

SOPA blackout: Bills lose three co-sponsors amid protests

Google Plans Home Page Protest Against U.S. Piracy Measures - Businessweek

And for Canadians, specifically: Black Wednesday: In Protest of SOPA, Darken the Web