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Designer and illustrator specializing in brand identity design, web design and UI/UX design, based in Toronto via Milton.


Design is not a public sport

Ivonne Karamoy

Whenever a large company or brand launches a redesign it's inevitable that the Internet peanut gallery chimes in with their critiques and opinions. I get that designers are passionate about design. I am one of those designers. But to critique a design from afar without understanding the constraints, objectives and goals of the project is counter to what design is all about and is downright unnecessary.

It's easy to sit back and criticize a company, or more specifically a company's design team, for a design when you don't know the constraints in which they worked. Even in the best case scenarios where the design team is given creative freedom and all the resources they need to inform their work, their job is to design for the needs of the organization, which they know better as in-house designers than the public.

Design critique involves understanding the entirety of the problem first, and then questioning whether the solution solves that problem in the best possible way. I'm not saying there's no room for design critique on the Internet, I'm saying it needs to be more than a knee-jerk reaction and should involve more than 140 characters.