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Designer and illustrator specializing in brand identity design, web design and UI/UX design, based in Toronto via Milton.



Ivonne Karamoy

A roundup of things I've found interesting and inspiring as of late...

Davines: A lesson in thoughtful business and branding

My hair dresser introduced me to Davines hair care products and I fell in love with not only the products but also their branding and most importantly their business and practices. Davines is a product and a brand that is family-owned and guided by the principle of sustainable beauty.

They've built their business with a conscious mission to sustainability and protect the environment. Their products contribute to the protection of biodiversity by using select ingredients from crops that are at risk of extinction and their packaging uses minimum amount of food grade plastic that is needed to protect the product but can also be reused. Their ingredients are sourced from local farms in Italy supporting local economies and artisanal traditions. Every product tells you about the family farm where the ingredients are sourced from. In addition to all of this they contribute to other sustainable efforts from organizations that value and take care of the earth.

Davines simple and clean packaging reflects their principles and practices. It is straight forward, no fuss informational labelling that is distinct and perfectly reflective of their business practices and principles. It's wonderful to see a conscious business who does so much but does not sacrifice in quality, design and execution. Check out their website for more info:

Photo by Martin Olszewski

Photo by Martin Olszewski


The Light Phone

We are becoming scared of boredom, scared of solitude, scared of conversations with ourself.

The Light Phone was created by Co-Founders Joe Hillier and Kaiwei Tang. It is a device that helps you put away your smartphone and bring your attention back to the world around you. It is a supplement that is designed to give you access to your phone, as a phone, only when you absolutely need it but allows you to otherwise leave your phone at home. It is a tool to help us consciously decide to leave our smartphone and disconnect, allowing us to take back the time we lose by always being connected to a screen.

We just couldn't believe any of it anymore, these products didn't respect the user or their time. Being more connected couldn't actually be what we needed to become happier.

I love the principles behind this product. We're all guilty of not paying attention to anything or anyone else but our phones, and if you stop to think about it, it's a really disturbing reality. How can we encourage people to take a moment away, to disconnect and be in the world and be with themselves. If we're always distracting ourselves how are we ever to face ourselves and understand ourselves and those around us?